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Dairy Lovers Delight - A Good Food 3-Day Menu Plan

It’s easy to fit dairy into your daily diet. Chock full of calcium, protein, vitamin D and other vital nutrients, dairy products are a boon for healthy living. Low-fat alternatives make dairy a delicious choice for just about everyone. Many foods contain calcium, however, dairy products offer the most efficient way to get calcium from food. So, raise a glass of milk in gratitude to your favorite dairy cow and enjoy dairy today!

—Judy Mayer DTR

Dairy foods contain the bone-building calcium that is missing in so many of our diets. Our bodies use calcium to build strong teeth and bones, and keep our heart, muscles and nervous system functioning properly. A calcium-rich diet may help lower your risk of a variety of diseases, including the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis. Consuming dairy may affect the rate of metabolism that may help to reduce body fat and weight. Research has also shown that low-fat dairy products lower the risk of gout, a painful arthritic condition. If the taste of some low-fat dairy products does not appeal to you, disguise them or discover which ones flatter your taste buds best. For those who can easily move between various dairy products, enjoy all your favorites!

Ethically Raised, Locally Sourced Delicious Dairy

At Outpost, we work hard to source only the best when it comes to delicious dairy products. We are fortunate that we live in a state prided upon its thriving dairy industry and we seek out locally owned family-sized dairy farms whenever we can. Outpost buyers look for dairy farmers and producers who:

  • Treat their animals humanely
  • Work hard to husband the land
  • Use no rBGH (artificial growth hormone)
  • Use no antibiotics
  • Allow dairy cattle easy access to pasture
  • Supplement with high-quality feed
  • Manage herds responsibly — no factory farms
  • Handcraft dairy products for freshness and full flavor
  • Use no synthetic ingredients or colors

Tips for low-fat tastes

  • Pizza — America’s favorite food — try using fresh mozzarella balls (in containers covered with water), half the fat and one-third the sodium of regular pizza cheeses. Sliced mozzarella balls melt well and also work well melted on sliced tomatoes!
  • Fresh mozzarella balls can be frozen
  • In any recipe use half no-fat cheese and half regular cheese — you won’t notice the taste difference and will reduce fat by 50%
  • 1% cottage cheese, 1% low fat milk, skim milk, Neufchatel cream cheese, low fat sour cream and cottage cheeses are naturally low in fat
  • Try evaporated skim milk (made by evaporating half the water out of the milk, resulting in a thick, creamy product). This can replace cream in a recipe, saving 800 calories.
  • To reduce the typical high-sodium content of cottage cheese, rinse it in a colander – most of the sodium is in the white creamy liquid


Day One
Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait
Lunch: Salsa Mac with Colby Jack
Dinner: Southwestern Grilled Chicken

Day Two
Breakfast: Fluffy Flapjacks
Lunch: Lentil Salad
Dinner:Popeye Burgers

Day Three
Breakfast: Morning Start Breakfast
Lunch: Cream of Cauliflower Soup
Dinner: Sicilian Baked Fusilli

Cheesy Oven Fries

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