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Return Policy

Returns during COVID-19 as of September 17, 2020

Outpost will be accepting non-perishable product returns. Returns will only be accepted on products purchased from Sunday, June 14 onward.

However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of any fresh produce, meat, seafood or deli items, we will happily provide an exchange or in-store credit 


Product Policy

These days, it's getting harder and harder to know where your food comes from. Here at Outpost, we have taken the guesswork out of shopping by choosing products that follow a set of simple guidelines!

All products should meet Outpost's basic guideline of 'natural' (see below). Our buyers use a set of guidelines to select products that also include product features such as organic, local, humanely raised, sustainable seafood, Fair Trade and free of GMOs and rBGH. While some products will meet all of the criteria, not every product will meet each one of the criteria inclusively. For example, a product may be local but not organic, an item may be natural but contain an ingredient that may not be humanely raised or an item may be Fair Trade but not organic. Always read product labels for a full list of ingredients. If you question any of the ingredients, call the manufacturer and ask for full disclosure. By law, product labels must contain company contact information.

Currently, there is no USDA definition for the word 'natural.' The meaning behind this term can vary depending on the company or the product. At Outpost, when we say 'natural' we mean food that does not contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners (such as Sucralose, NutraSweet, etc.).

We believe that supporting organically grown foods - food grown without the use of synthetic chemicals - helps to protect the integrity of food system. Plus, organic farming practices ensure the health and wellbeing of farmers, farm workers, livestock, the environment and well, all of us! For this reason we offer products that have been sourced organically whenever possible.

We believe food tastes better when it's grown close to home!  Plus, buying local keeps more dollars in the community and strengthens our rural economies. We're committed to providing a wide selection of locally grown and produced foods when possible. Look for the "Locally Grown" label throughout our stores.

Humanely Raised
Whenever possible we offer a variety of poultry, dairy and meat selections that come from animals that have been humanely raised with access to the outdoors and plenty of room to move around. Some of the best sources of humanely raised meat come directly from our local suppliers.

Sustainable Seafood
We only offer seafood that has been sustainably harvested, wild caught or farmed in ecologically sound ways. 

Fair Trade
We strive to offer Fair Trade certified products.  Fair Trade products come from farmers and producers worldwide who receive fair compensation for their product on the international market because they work directly with their buyers. A better wage means better living conditions for some of the poorest people on the planet. It also ensures that these farmers develop a livelihood that will sustain themselves and their families for years to come.


At Outpost, we believe that foods are best and when they are closest to their natural state, making organic one of the best options. Because we question the science behind the development of GMOs and their potential impact on food sources, we believe those products should be labeled. That’s why we actively support labeling laws – so that consumers can make informed choices about the foods they purchase and feed to their families. In our stores, we strive to provide information and to offer alternatives, so our shoppers can make the healthy choice that’s right for them.


Until the labels we seek are mandatory and until consumers can shop with complete confidence, this is what we pledge to do:


1.  Whenever possible, providing shoppers with at least one certified organic product option in each food category where there is a possibility of GMO content. Because organic certification does not allow the use of genetically modified seeds in the production of organic crops, certified organic products are the least likely to contain genetically modified ingredients.


2. Continue to raise awareness and educating our owners, shoppers and the community about genetically engineered organisms through articles, lectures, workshops, and literature in our stores.


Unfortunately, in the absence of federally required labeling of products that contain genetically modified organisms, Outpost cannot guarantee that all products that we currently carry do not contain genetically engineered organisms. Read more about GMOs here.

rBGH - Free 
Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), is a synthetic growth hormone that's often used by the dairy industry to artificially increase milk production. Outpost offers a wide selection of dairy products, including all of our fluid milk selections,  that do not contain this synthetic chemical. 

While we believe our stringent product policy ensures a store full of wholesome choices, we encourage you to read labels and ask questions about the products we sell because only YOU know what's best for you and your family. 


Boycott Policy

The cooperative itself will not join in any boycott. We will however commit to posting information about a boycott impacting any products sold at Outpost, a means of transparency and consumer education. Such decisions to post information about boycotts are overseen by management’s Product Policy Advisory Team.


What constitutes a product boycott?

Any request to boycott a product given to us by an active owner or an owner group, or by a member of our Product Policy Advisory Team.

This boycott request must be:


1)    Well-defined;

2)    Clearly stated;

3)    Have achievable goals;

4)    Exhibit goals consistent with our mission and/or core values; and

5)    Contain valid and/or verifiable information.


Pending a decision by the Product Policy Advisory Team, information about the boycott will be posted on our website and by the product display in any store(s) which carry said product(s).


When will the posting end?

Information will remain posted until the Product Policy Advisory Team determines that:

1)    The boycott has been officially called off by the organizing party;

2)    There has been no discernable change in product sales in our stores over a six-month period;

3)    Our stores no longer carry the targeted product; or

4)    The Product Policy Advisory Team obtains new information that changes the premise of the situation related to either the product and/or the boycott.

Read more about boycotts here.


Local/Regional Vendor Code of Conduct

We value the vendors who bring us the best tasting foods, deepening and strengthening our local economy.

We value the special partnerships we have with our local and regional vendors. We feel our name stands beside and behind the many great local and regional products we sell, therefore we require that all local and regional vendors agree to our Code of Conduct. The full Code of Conduct can be found here.

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