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Getting the Information You Need

Food is what we’re all about. We like to think back to simpler times every now and then, when we could pick an apple from a tree branch or yank a tomato from a backyard plant and dig in, unburdened by worries or questions about the food.

But we have to admit that food isn’t a simple issue these days, encumbered as it can be by questions of purity, humane farming practices, organic versus conventional horticulture and even genetic integrity.

At Outpost, we’re committed to providing our owners and shoppers with as much credible information as we can, so that you can make informed choices when you walk the aisles of our stores. We don’t pretend to know what is best for each and every one of you – we whole-heartedly embrace and celebrate the diversity of the community to which we belong.

You all have your opinions, questions and desires. But every one of you ought to be able to choose your favorite foods without worries. That’s why we’ll do our best here to keep you posted about important food issues such as genetically modified foods (GMOs), food safety recalls and the like. We’ll also try to provide you with the tools you need to be a more informed consumer and to make your voice heard.

A word on boycotts

People ask us all the time about food action issues like boycotts and petition drives and these are important to us. The cooperative itself will not join in any boycott. We will however commit to posting information, provided certain criteria are met. Read more.

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