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More than Just our Wrappers are Transparent

We believe you deserve to know where your meat and seafood comes from; how the animals were raised; what they were fed and how they were processed. We ensure that our meats are all natural, or organic, and free of antibiotics, hormones, and growth-enhancing drugs. 

Local & Regional 

We’re not going to kid you, it’s really hard to source all of our selection from local and regional sources because of our high product standards, the amount of finished product we need, and the lack of small processing plants in Wisconsin. We do however strive to offer local and regional selections from as many farmers and fisheries as we can. Read about some of our favorite vendors below and look for the Local Regional tags when you shop! 

Southeastern Wisconsin’s BEST Sausages 

As a friend once said, “It ain’t bragging if it it’s true!" We make our sausages in small batches, by hand, at each of our store locations. We use our best all-natural meat; grind it in house; add all-natural seasonings; then hand fill each natural casing. We never add fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, preservatives, or nitrates. This ensures a truly special, delicious Old World-flavored wurst that’s simply better than the rest.


Shrimp Sourcing Update 

As of April 2016, we have discontinued offering ready to eat or raw shrimp from Asian sources due to reports about the rampant corruption in the Asian shrimping industry.

We are now offering fresh, frozen, and canned shrimp that is wild-caught, ecologically raised and processed without the use of slave labor. These quality shrimp are coming to us only from the United States and the countries on the Gulf of Mexico.

Our fresh sushi provider, Sushi by Gusto, obtained letters of authenticity from their overseas suppliers ensuring their shrimp has been fished or farmed and processed ecologically, safely and without the use of slave labor.

Learn more HERE 

Rushing Waters Trout

Miles to Market - 40

Rushing Waters, an 80-acre fish farm, located in Palmyra, in Jefferson County, is about an hour’s drive from Milwaukee ideally located, surrounded on three sides by Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest. Aside from the area’s geological significance, it provides Rushing Waters with an abundance of natural spring water, creating ideal conditions for fish farming.

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Outpost's Own Meat Department

Miles to Market - 0
Outpost's Own Meat Department

What do you expect to find at a meat counter at the grocery store? Well, at Outpost, you’ll find nothing less than the freshest and highest quality meat and seafood. 

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Ferndale Market Turkeys

Miles to Market - 318

Nearly 70 years ago, Dale Peterson started raising turkeys on his farm in Cannon Falls. Minn. His wife, Fern, was an avid environmentalist and believed we all have a role to play in preserving our earth.

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