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Wheat/Gluten Allergy

If you suffer from a wheat allergy the only way to prevent the occurrence of symptoms is to avoid all wheat and wheat containing products. Foods made with wheat are a staple in the American diet so label reading is the key to keeping yourself healthy.

Sources of wheat include:
  • bulgur
  • durum
  • gelatinized starch
  • gluten
  • emmer
  • eikon
  • farina
  • faro
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
  • kamut
  • matzoh
  • modified starch
  • rye
  • semolina
  • spelt
  • triticale
  • wheat bran
  • wheat germ
  • wheat malt
  • wheat starch

Sources of wheat flours include:
  • cake and pastry
  • durum
  • gluten
  • graham
  • high protein
  • vegetable gum
  • vegetable starch
  • wheat
  • whole wheat

Common and Hidden Sources: baked goods, baby foods, breads, breaded foods, snack foods, crackers, many cereals, cracker meal, couscous, pasta, pizza, bagels, malted milkshakes, sauces (Asian, gravy, soy), salad dressings, some beers, spelt, candy, seitan, some textured vegetable protein (TVP), imitation seafood/bacon, some soups and bouillons, processed meats, flavored coffees and teas, baked beans, canned fish, cheese sauces and spreads, cloudy lemonade, some mustards, some jelly/jams, creamed products, meat tenderizers, pancakes, pre-molded hamburgers, pretzels, pudding, tamari, tomato sauces, waffles, and some hot dogs

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