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Fish Allergy

If you suffer from a fish allergy you must stay away from fish and foods containing these products to prevent a reaction. If your doctor is able to identify the specific fish that is causing your allergy, then you only need to eliminate that; but for the majority of people with this allergy avoiding all fish products is the only option. Fish protein can be airborne – walking through a fish or seafood market should be avoided. Sensitive individuals should also avoid skin contact with fish.

Examples of fish include:
  • anchovy
  • bass
  • catfish
  • cod (most common)
  • orange roughy
  • perch
  • Menhaden
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • walleye

Common and Hidden Sources: Asian sauces, Caesar salad dressing, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian foods, surimi – this imitation seafood may also be found in hot dogs, bologna and ham, caponata, marinara sauces, sushi, caviar, roe (fish eggs), fried foods (often cooked in the same oil as fish/shellfish), Worcestershire sauce and Omega-3 supplements.

These products always contain fish! Agar, alginic acid, alginate, Disodium ionsinate

Not sure? When in doubt – do without!
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