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Egg Allergy

If you suffer from an egg allergy you must stay away from eggs and any foods containing egg products. Egg products include eggs, egg whites, egg yolks, dried eggs or egg powder, and egg solids.

Egg protein can also be identified as:
  • albumin/albumen
  • apovitellenin
  • globulin
  • livetin
  • lysozyme
  • ovalbumin
  • ovamucoid
  • ovoglobulin
  • ovovitellin
  • vitelin

Common and Hidden Sources: baked goods, breads, candy, Caesar salad dressing, creamed foods, egg noodles, eggnog, some egg substitutes, Bavarian creams, custard, egg rolls, frosting, Hollandaise sauce, ice cream, “Egg Beaters”, mayonnaise, marshmallows, meat or fish cooked in batter, processed lunch meats, meringue, pretzels, pudding, simplesse, soufflés, tartar sauce, waffles, some wines, and fried or battered foods. Egg/ egg products may also be found in binders, emulsifiers, coagulants, and lecithin.

Best Bets for Baking
One tablespoon of ground flaxseed and three tablespoons of boiling water can be whisked together to replace 1 egg in a recipe. Let the mixture set for 15 minutes before whisking. Egg Replacer made by Ener-G is also a good egg substitute. Look for it in the baking aisle at your nearest Outpost!

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