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Tera's Whey

Miles to Market - 132 Located Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959

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Tera's Whey

Whey has come a long … way, since that spider came along and scared poor Miss Moffett. Most Wisconsinites know curds, but they might not be as familiar with their overlooked cousin, whey.

Both are products of the cheese-making process. The curd goes on to become one of our state’s greatest exports. Whey, well, it’s a byproduct that, in the hands of someone like Tera Johnson, becomes a valuable nutritional supplement.

Among its many benefits, whey is a good source of protein for people who wish to eat less meat (because of fat and cholesterol) or vegetarians who wish to eliminate meat from their diet. Tera’s Whey is processed at Wisconsin Specialty Proteins, a state of the art “green” plant built two years ago in Reedsburg.

Tera’s Whey products are made with fresh whey from artisan cheese makers and family farmers. It’s sweetened with low-glycemic stevia and the highest quality, most flavorful natural ingredients.

Pick up some Tera’s Whey protein powder at your favorite Outpost and add it to your next smoothie and taste the goodness.

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