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Meliora K

Miles to Market - 92 Located 2019 N Sheffield Chicago, IL 60614

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Meliora K

Cleaning products are notorious for hidden ingredients, but husband and wife team Kate Jakubas and Mike Mayer thought they could make them differently.

“Kate was making detergent for herself, working to reduce the number of chemicals she was bringing into her home,” Mike said.

Kate also has a background in the environment and corporate responsibility, and with that background she realized she could start a business making cleaning products. Mike’s work in engineering and supply chain management made him the ideal partner.

So in 2013 they founded Chicago–based Meliora K – a word meaning “better things” – so people can be sure the ingredients in their detergent are clean.

“Healthy cleaning starts with a few simple ingredients and knowing how they act together to clean your clothes and home,” Kate said.

There are no hidden ingredients in their laundry powder. The recipe is available to the public. That’s another focus of Meliora K, transparency. “Our commitment to transparency extends to working with NGOs and other companies as part of the No Secrets campaign with Women’s Voices for the Earth,” Kate said.

People have the right to know about the products they’re using in their home, and Meliora K helps people do does just that. Meliora K’s Right Hand Laundry Powder is available at your favorite Outpost store.

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