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Evergreen Lane Organic Farm

Miles to Market - 30 Located 3326 Cedar Sauk Road Saukville, WI 53080

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Evergreen Lane Organic Farm

Matt Gall’s family has been growing potatoes since they got off the boat from Germany and staked out a piece of land for themselves. Matt and his family still farm that land, just outside of Saukville, Wis. There was a time when a lot of farmers grew a crop of potatoes for the market. Not many do, these days.
Matt and his family manage an organic dairy herd. On the side they still raise potatoes, except now they’re certified organic. “Our family always committed to what we did. I grew up doing this. It gets in your blood. It’s who I am,” Matt said. “For us, it’s a connection to our past.” The Gall farm has been operating since 1848, the year Wisconsin gained statehood.
So, there’s lot of tradition in the soil there. Matt is the sixth generation to farm this land. If his son, Wendel, takes up the family business, he’d be the seventh. It’s still too early to tell. Wendel’s not even a year old, but he’s out in the field with his folks when it’s time to harvest.
After they’ve dug the potatoes, washed, sorted and bagged them, Matt delivers the potatoes to the city just as his dad and grandpa and great-grandpa did before him. You’ll find Evergreen Lane Organic Farm potatoes at your favorite Outpost location.


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