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Thanksgiving Bins Thanks


December 21, 2010

Dear Outpost,

Thank you so much for you donation to Hunger Task Force of 804 bags of apples for the 2010 Thanksgiving Bins program. Your generosity made the Thanksgiving holiday truly special for families all across Milwaukee.

A Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings is a holiday tradition that every family deserves. And even though a lot of hard working folks are having a tough time this year, you made sure their day was special. thanks to you, families across Milwaukee enjoyed comfort and hope at the dinner table, and gave thanks for friends like you who are watching out for them in the community. Your heartfelt giving and sharing is the true measure of what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about.

From the Hunger Task Force family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And thank you for making it wonderful for families in need!


Sherrie Tussler

Executive Director

Hunger Task Force


"Dear Hunger Task Force and all the donators,

It was beyond belief when I received this Thanksgiving package and the abundance of food. May life bring you a reflection of the kindness you've shown to others. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Some people give help - you gave your all. Generosity is a sign of a great soul. You're surely one. I'll always remember your kindness. The way you come to the aid of others is fabulous."

"To all the hard working folks at Hunger Task Force, the many business who gave of their time and the many businesses that donated their food for us,

I know it came from their hearts. We enjoyed the dinner very much and was glad. I didn't know how to figure out how to provide such a wonderful dinner. I am 73 and on Social Security now and bills like house taxes and insurance, etc. are getting me down. My company closed after I worked there 31 years. I hope all you folks have a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you back in the New Year."


Turkey Day 2010

"Gracious Donors,

We are one of the families that were blessed by your generosity this Thanksgiving. I wanted to take a moment to thank you by letting you know the true impact this gift has given us, besides the obvious of filling our stomachs.

As parents, in having a family we have a lot of dreams, hopes, wants, wishes and ways we want to raise our children. There are traditions to start and memories to make. Even as adults we hope to erase any bad holidays and replace with new ones. There are very hard times like these where I know I can do better and strive to.

When all I want doesn't fall into place, self esteem runs low. Opportunities like receiving this Holiday Basket give me (us) hope and ability to keep our dreams and happy memories alive. My only way to repay you is to let you know that our family will be able to spend our time together happy, loved and in tradition. We will feel as blessed, no even more blessed, than those who could provide on their own. We will have faith in people and life and hope for the future. Please know you are all appreciated."

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