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Milwaukee Food Council

The Food Council, which began meeting in May 2007 as an ad hoc group concerned about the food system, continues to gather on a regular basis to develop intentional, positive strategies for a healthy, affordable, equitable food system that nourishes our community and respects the environment.

Participants include community members, professionals, and government officials. During meetings, the group discusses various aspects of the food system, including access to healthy, affordable food; land use planning; local food production and procurement; public health and other policy initiatives.

Strategic thinking

Commitments meant to grow into specific goals:

  1. Collective Impact
  2. Policy Change and Advocacy
  3. Equity and Justice
  4. Food Culture
  5. Economically Vibrant
  6. Ecologically Sustainable


All are welcome at the table

Everyone is welcome to the table at the Milwaukee Food Council. They do ask new participants to arrive 30 minutes early to our meetings for a brief orientation, which gives a quick overview of the Food Council and the meetings.

The membership process is currently informal. Self-identified members regularly attend Food Council meetings and/or work group meetings. Friends support the work of the Food Council but do not actively participate.

Outpost is an active member. 

Current members and friends


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