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At Outpost, we envision an ideal world where our community has access to organically and locally produced goods, is educated about choices that impact the environment and supports a locally-based economy.

Outpost Community Partners is one way we strive to achieve this vision.

Every year four locally-based non-profit organizations are given the opportunity to partner with Outpost in order to build greater community awareness of the group and also raise much needed funds. Each organization will receive a $3000 donation from Outpost, one-fourth of the earned interest from Outpost’s Co-op Community Fund and an opportunity to partner with Outpost on an additional fundraising event.


Fall 2017: Benedict Center

In an ideal world…"Everyone would have the ability to grow their own food and sustain their own nutritional needs. The vision and mission of the Benedict Center includes creating independence for our women and creating a safe, inclusive, compassionate community where differences and values are respected ensuring equitable justice for all."

Cindy Nicholson

Development Coordinator

Benedict Center

Benedict Center relies on the generosity of our community members to help support the needs of their clients. Won't you consider contributing an item or two from their WISH LISTS?


Outpost's 2017 Community Partners

Winter: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation


The Northwest Side Community Development Corporation was founded in 1983 with a vision to transform the Northwest Side of Milwaukee. They serve the economic development needs of their community through three major program areas: business lending, community organizing, and housing. Since 2000, this group has contributed more than $6 million to several major projects on the Northwest Side, which helped to create 500 jobs. Photo credit: Andrew Haug / NWSCDC

Spring: Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium


It’s estimated that five new invasive plant and animal species enter Southeastern Wisconsin every year. The Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium promotes the efficient and effective management of invasive species throughout an eight county region. By sharing resources and working cooperatively on management activities, this group works to monitor, contain, and control the devastating impact of invasive species in Southeastern Wisconsin. Photo credit: Roy Bohn

Summer: Teens Grow Greens


Teens Grow Greens uses urban agriculture as a vehicle to develop young people in the community. During a nine-month paid internship, local teenagers develop skills through hands-on experience in responsibility, healthy living, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The self-awareness and leadership skills that Teens Grow Greens members graduate with help to combat the high youth unemployment rate that is so prevalent in Milwaukee today. Photo credit: Charlie Koss

Fall: Benedict Center


The Benedict Center is a community justice agency working with victims, offenders, and the community to achieve a system of justice that treats women with dignity and respect. They accomplish this through three impact-driven programs: The Women’s Harm Reduction Program, which provides mental health services and substance abuse treatment; the Sisters Program, which provides street outreach to women involved in prostitution or human trafficking; and Justice Advocacy, to ensure fair treatment for women involved in the justice system. Photo credit: Benedict Center



2016 Community Partners

Winter: Outreach Community Health Centers

Spring: Groundwork Milwaukee

Summer: Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps.

Fall: Centro Hispano Milwaukee


2015 Community Partners

Winter: Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

Spring: Wellspring

Summer: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Fall: Progressive Community Health Centers


2014 Community Partners

Winter: Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center 

Spring: Victory Garden Initiative

Summer: Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Fall: Milwaukee Environmental Sciences:

A Milwaukee Teacher Education Center Charter School 


2013 Community Partners

Winter: Repairers of the Breach 

Spring: Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful 

Summer: Groundwork Milwaukee 

Fall: Fondy Food Center 


2012 Community Partners

Winter: Center for Resilient Cities

Spring: Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Summer: Milwaukee Urban Gardens

Fall: Milwaukee Empty Bowls

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