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April — We are in the home stretch!


Updated 4/22/14
     What can we say other than there's a new Outpost in town? For all parts and purposes, the building phase in completed. This means that what remains for the building are just punch list items - those final details. Also left on the docket is final grading of the property, landscape planting and final surfacing/striping of the parking lot. Because these final stages are all weather dependent, it's keeping us from giving you an opening date. So stay tuned!


Cafe tables made using reclaimed wood

Here are some cool details that are now visible!

  • hybrid car plug-in station on the west side of the building
  • permeable paving in place along walkways around the perimeter of the store
  • bicycle parking
  • gazebo
  • all those Lannon stones - reclaimed from the house that once stood on the property


Last week, crews from other co-ops came and helped the Outpost team build and install all the center store shelving. Then they stocked all the products! But that's not just putting items on shelves. It also means coordinating the proper placement of thousands of price tags and individual packages (from large boxes of laundry soap to tiny bottles of essential oils) so that everything fits, looks great and is accessible. Think of it like a GIANT million-piece 3-D puzzle! Also, because this will be a LEED Gold facility, engineering professionals have been in and out testing some of the equipment as part of the overall commissioning process.


Some other fun incidentals you'll find at the Mequon store

             Look! Tappers!
  • taps for local beer, soda and kombucha in the Fork In The Road Cafe
  • pizza oven - repeat - PIZZA OVEN!
  • reclaimed wood used as decorative elements
  • custom tiles in the restrooms
  • beautiful polished concrete floors
  • natural skylights


What's left? Well, like we said, all the landscaping needs to be installed, which means the property needs final grading. We'll be planting lots of trees and shrubs, fruit and nut trees, perennial plants and flowers and a Kitchen Garden for herbs and some vegetables to be used by the kitchen staff. Some perennial plants will be brought over from gardens at our other 3 stores. Our extended plant family! The parking lot needs one more layer of asphalt and permeable paving installed along the south side of the lot. Permeable paving allows storm water to be absorbed rather than washed away - keeping excess water out of storm sewers. So will the two gigantic rain gardens installed along the south and west border of the property.


More updates to come - stay tuned!

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