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As champions of local business, it’s important to us that much of the money we spend on building projects like our new Mequon store stays in our community. To help ensure that, we encourage our general contractor to select a diverse mix of union, local and family-owned businesses and source as many local or regionally produced materials as possible.


MSI General, Oconomowoc, WI

Outpost has partnered with MSI General on all construction and remodel projects, dating back to 1997. MSI General is responsible for hiring all of the sub-contractors for our projects. We are assured that they carefully and without discrimination interview, qualify, research and confirm every subcontractor to which they ask to bid and qualify a bid from. This process allows them to create an unbiased subcontractor list that they consider as teammates on any project to ensure the project is successful.


  • Make sure the quality of work and craftsmen who perform that work are at or above industry standard
  • Check credit ratings, payment timeliness, insurance levels and many references
  • After selection they work together with them and all other subcontractors to insure they are successful
  • Create an environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork from all members of a project team


MSI General has developed an excellent track record with their subcontractors, and like any insightful and successful business, they learn and grow from their relationships as the industry changes and as all become better and more skilled at their specific craft.


Approximately 50% of the labor for our Mequon project is comprised of the following union contractors:

  • Stark Asphalt, Milwaukee
  • S & K Plumbing, Milwaukee
  • Spancrete Industries, Inc.
  • MSI General Steelworkers, Oconomowoc
  • Waukesha Roofing, Waukesha
  • Total Mechanical, Pewaukee


Our local partners

Outpost has established great working relationships over the years with other contractors, many of which are small, family-owned businesses that also provide quality work and treat their workers well. They understand our needs within a unique industry and have a proven track record with our many projects. Here are just a couple!


Retailworks, Inc., Mequon

For over 25 years, award-winning interior designer Lyn Falk and her team have been helping businesses, like Outpost, by creating beautiful and sustainable interior environments. The dynamic Outpost store interiors you have grown to love are the fruits of their efforts.


Build It 360

The guys at 360 understand retail and commercial environments. They build beautiful, quality fixtures and finishes that last, using sustainable and innovative methods including reclaimed wood and artifacts, and custom metalwork - served up with a flair for Milwaukee's industrial past. Next time you're at our Wauwatosa store, check out the cafe tables made from the bones of 1800's era house!

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