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Milwaukee Mask Mandate - Effective January 18 - March 1, 2022

The Milwaukee Common Council has passed a mask mandate requiring anyone 3 years old and older to wear a mask indoors in public spaces in Milwaukee.

Masks Required at Outpost

Effective July 2021, Outpost has moved to a Mask Requirement Alert system. COVID transmission status is HIGH for both Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties. Masks covering nose and mouth are REQUIRED for everyone entering an Outpost location. Posters indicating the Mask Requirement level will be posted at each Outpost location.

The Alert is based on the COVID-19 Data Tracker provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



The Data Tracker provides Outpost's emergency response team the information they need to determine the masking requirements by county. When the case count averages change, the alert level will change accordingly.

RED - Case counts are HIGH/ALARMING - Masks REQUIRED for everyone
ORANGE - Case counts are RISING or FALLING - Masks REQUIRED if unvaccinated OR strongly recommended if fully vaccinated
YELLOW - Case counts are LOW - Masks REQUIRED only if unvaccinated
BLUE - COVID threat is LOW - Masks OPTIONAL for everyone

The COVID-19 Delta variant is the leading cause of new infections in the United States. It is highly transmissible. Those who have not been vaccinated are most likely to suffer severe effects of the disease. Breakthrough cases for fully vaccinated individuals are occurring. 

Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties - where you'll find an Outpost store location - as well as other parts of the state, continue to show high/increasing infection rates. Most of these cases are caused by the Delta variant.

The Mask Requirement Alert system allows Outpost to efficiently and effectively react to fluctuations in infection rates and case counts and respond accordingly. 

Together, we can stop the spread!

  • When the Mask Requirement Alert drops to YELLOW, assume good intent that all people without masks are fully vaccinated
  • Please continue social distancing when inside the co-op
  • Forgot your mask? Visit our customer service desk!
  • If you are unable to mask up inside an Outpost, consider shopping online for pick-up or delivery

Outpost will continue to monitor disease trends while the threat still exists in our community

Thank you for helping us take care of our community!

Here's what's NEW

Weekday Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

We've extended our weekday shopping hours to 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. for everyone. Catch that delicious co-op made breakfast sandwich and a hot cuppa joe before you head in to work.

Weekend shopping hours will be Sat & Sun, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Shop Online - now with more available time slots

Shop online via Outpost Webstore - there are now more available time slots for scheduling your grocery pickup, making online shopping and curbside pickup even more convenient than before. https://www.outpost.coop/shop/#online

Outdoor dining is back

As the weather continues to warm up, all Outpost store locations have made outdoor dining  available. Grab your lunch and enjoy the sunshine!

Reusable bags are back in business!

Show 'em some love - Reusable shopping and produce bags are back. You can now resume using your favorite reusable shopping and produce bags next time you shop at Outpost. [...cheering...]

Feel free to bag up your goodies in your cart or by using the retractable stainless steel shelf at the end of each register lane. Cashiers can also assist you with bagging your groceries into your reusable bags. And please do your Outpost besties a solid by washing bags frequently with the laundry to ensure they are always fresh as a daisy.

Supply Chain Update

Warehouse worker and truck driver shortages are impacting the supply of product to our stores. Our largest supplier in Racine has been struggling with labor to fulfill orders and at Outpost we have only been receiving anywhere from 35-75% of the product ordered. We broadened the number of suppliers to address this issue, but the pricing may not be as good and that will eventually impact some of our food costs. And we’re not alone, most grocery operators are facing similar product shortages due to shipping and labor issues.

Our supply of groceries is stable but does vary somewhat week-to-week. There is ample local produce in supply and your support of local vendors in our fresh and center store departments helps keep those folks in business, because they too are likely short on labor.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Looking for information on COVID-19 vaccination availability? Access the US government site HERE.

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