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Becca Guralnick

Professional Chef

Why do you want to be on the Outpost Natural Foods Board of Directors?

I am a longtime owner and fan of Outpost. I am passionate about promoting good quality, sustainable, healthy food. I am a former lawyer, professional chef, culinary nutrition specialist, and cooking business owner for 20+ years where I connected people with the best food possible, and gave them ways to make their own delicious, healthy meals. I am looking to join another meaningful, collaborative team setting where I can share my own leadership skills and expertise, learn from others, and do even more good in this community! Since 2004 I have also been an active community volunteer serving on several non-profit committees and as two-term board member of Milwaukee Jewish Federation (“MJF”). As such, I am intimately familiar with board rules, proceedings and the fiduciary and ethical responsibilities expected and required. I would love to share my unique skill-set as lawyer, chef, volunteer and board member on the Outpost Board.

What professional skills do you bring to a Board position of a $50 million business?

I have excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and I’m a great liaison and spokesperson. I’m excited to help further connect Outpost to the greater community through my personable/excellent outreach/engagement skills. I have a law degree (McGill) and trained as a litigator in corporate/commercial work. I am a Professional Chef and culinary business owner (specializing in lessons and personal chef services) with experience dealing with operational challenges which I respond to with a responsible, responsive, compassionate and caring attitude. I’m committed to improving organizational efficacy and achieving organizational goals. I’m passionate about bringing good quality and sustainable food to EVERY HUMAN. Why me now? During the pandemic I took a break from my cooking business (Cooking From the Heart, LLC) to help care for a family member, followed by my own need for orthopedic surgery. This period of time gave me pause, allowing me to pivot to fulfilling my increased desire to expand my efforts in doing more good in the community with meaningful non-profit organizations.

Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the board.

I am a dual citizen and immigrant from Canada, an incredibly multi-cultural society and a country with a celebrated culture of ethnic diversity. Perhaps owing to this upbringing, I greatly cherish the differences among us, as much as our commonalities!

I was raised in a liberal-minded, education-centered home which, along with my legal training, instilled in me the core value that any environment in which I choose to work should have strong policies of inclusiveness, equity and diversity. This is a reflection of the real world, and any denial of this is unacceptable.

My spiritual upbringing instilled in me the ethical imperative to ensure that all human beings be treated fairly, and that working to repair the world and provide for those who cannot, are the utmost goals, starting with the local community.

I would be honored to uphold these values as a member of the Outpost board.

Describe your prior involvement with community organizations and/or cooperatives.

Here are some highlights of my current and past community-based work: Current Board member, Milwaukee Jewish Federation; Grant team reading leader (Jewish Women’s Endowment Fund); Women’s Philanthropy Advisory Board: co-chairing "Lion-Pom" category donations of $1800-5000; General Campaign Cabinet Committee member; Planning and Allocations Committee. Past: Agency Review Committee; Weinstein Young Leadership Co-chair; Ann Agulnick Young Leadership award recipient. I am also a regular volunteer at the Jewish Community Center COVID vaccine drives and at the Milwaukee Jewish Community Food Pantry. I assisted the JCC with opening their cafe and worked there as a chef; I chaired the JCC Milwaukee Parenting Center Board and the “Food Basket Program" for Mapledale Middle School farm-share program (with Will Allen's Growing Power). Over the years, I’ve done volunteer engagement/outreach for 88.9 radio Milwaukee at Summerfest and I was the Community Table chef at Wholefoods Milwaukee (community-building cooking classes and dinners).

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