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By Your Board on February 23, 2015

This I believe: It’s all about poverty and food justice

I share the Outpost belief that all people deserve to have access to healthy food. 16% of people in the US experienced food insecurity last year; Milwaukee ranks number 4 in poverty among large cities in the United States. 

Many worry: “How can I afford to feed myself and my family?”  Every semester I ask my Early Childhood Education students at MATC: "What will be your greatest academic challenge this semester?” Within minutes they share their serious financial worries. Every semester the same barriers are disclosed. Students identify poverty as an enemy to their academic success. Those with children attending MPS depend on their schools to provide healthy breakfasts and lunches. 

Outpost sponsored the viewing of FED UP; my students and future leaders hope the healthy food revolution would revamp school food, the entire food system, and the health care costs related to how we eat.

Lack of a living wage is a big factor in food accessibility but there are other factors. Who shares their knowledge on how to cook and recognize nutritional value? How does the community respond to these needs?

I’d like to highlight the amazing work of Lindsay Heights with the Innovation & Wellness Commons project. Listen to Sharon Adams in the promo piece. Adams explains how the community desires an end of the $10M in leakage. If that money stayed in the neighborhood, there'd be jobs, business, and commerce. 

In addition to Walnut Way, we celebrate the good work of Alice's Garden/Venice Williams and Fondy Food Center for making positive contributions to one of our city's most challenged communities in dealing with access to food, health, commerce and poverty. 

Outpost works to strengthen our community partnerships. Fondy Market, Alice’s Garden, Walnut Way and the residents of the Lindsay Heights community want an Outpost in their neighborhood. This is the result of community work that we have all been engaged in over the past seven years. In fact, each of these organizations are directed by former Outpost Owners of The Year: Young Kim, Venice Williams, and Sharon Adams.

Outpost cannot do it alone; the community must come together to make sure Outpost's vision comes to life.  Six points in our vision include:

1. community has access to goods and services that promote personal and environmental health

2. community has access to organically and locally produced goods

3. community is educated about choices that impact personal & environmental health

4. community has commerce that is locally owned or locally oriented

5. owners have a sense of connectedness, belonging and fellowship

6. cooperative infrastructure is supported

Our role in our community is to sell really good local, organic and natural food - to anyone who wants to buy it. We make inroads through our owners and our community partners. 

84% of people want to buy local food.  We continue to find local vendors we can trust who provide local food and to contribute to the food justice movement. You are invited to join us in the good food revolution.

Patricia McFarland

Board Director

Patricia’s full-time job is teaching child development and early childhood education at Milwaukee Area Technical College.


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