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Co-ops Make a Difference

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By Your Board on June 23, 2014

Co-ops Make a Difference

I’m a strong believer in the concept of community owned and operated food markets. Why? One big reason is because a co-op like Outpost Natural Foods places value not only on healthy food, but locally owned, independent vendors. I embrace our mission statement: “Outpost Natural Foods exists so that our owners have a healthy, diverse and sustainable community. This will be accomplished while maintaining the long-term strength of the cooperative.”   

There are many specific reasons I love Outpost. I like taking workshops with Judy, our nutritionist, to find good, healthy food options to help meet my health needs and personal fitness goals. I love Outpost because it is a “community builder” and neighborhood anchor as evidenced by the inviting and welcoming human and physical environment. I love Outpost because we create local jobs.

At present, our 475 employees provide personable customer service and generate a positive economic stimulation to the greater Milwaukee community. Our employee surveys indicate “It’s a great place to work.” Outpost patrons are invited to offer suggestions and comments at the customer service desk, to which Outpost management is attentive and responsive. We have talented employees in each department who are experts in their field. 

I am thrilled about the opening of our new store in Mequon. Have you visited our new store? We are growing! We now have close to 20,000 owners. There are many benefits of ownership that I value. 

An intangible, but important one for me, is the concept of belonging to a food co-op that shares many of the basic principles that I embrace:

·      It is democratic (we get to vote for direction, leadership, and policy)

·      It is autonomous and independent

·      It provides education and training about food cooperatives for members and the general public

·      It focuses on sustainable development of communities through many policies and programs

Outpost is a place to socialize and celebrate with those who want to make wise food choices. And it's a safe place where we can continue to expand the concept of healthy eating and building community “one bite at a time."

What's your favorite aspect of belonging to Outpost?

Patricia McFarland

-Outpost Board Member


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