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A Visit to Walnut Way

Board Beet
By Your Board on October 30, 2012


On Saturday, October 6, I had the pleasure of attending Harvest Day at Walnut Way, on 17th and North Avenue.  The entire 2200 block of N. 17th Street was blocked off for the celebration, with a large sound truck on the north end, providing a stage and sound system for talk and music.


There is much to celebrate on this block, a former home of drug houses and the people who ran them.  This is the story of two particularly dedicated people, Sharon and Larry Adams, who returned to the block after many years’ absence and were horrified at what had happened to Sharon’s former home.


She and Larry determined to make this city block bloom, to reclaim it into a neighborhood, where people helped one another, and celebrated life’s ups and downs together.  One primary vehicle for this movement was the re-introduction of fruit and vegetable gardens in backyards and empty lots.  There is a peach orchard halfway down the block, raspberries, tomatoes and a variety of other good things for people to eat and sell through the Fondy market.


So, this was not just any old generic harvest celebration; it was a moment to reflect on the work which had been invested in this very block’s growth and produce.  One of the most special parts of the day included the Nefertari African Dance Co, which featured six young girls who clearly had worked hard under the direction of Marilynn Douglas, the group’s director, and one of the drummers.  There were three other young guys  drumming, and the effect was tremendous.


This was Walnut Way’s 12th annual fall celebration.  Keep an eye out for it next year, as Outpost has a presence in it, as well.  Come on down, enjoy the music and wonder at what can be accomplished in a neighborhood’s love affair with an urban garden!


- Nancy Ettenheim, Member, Board of Directors


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