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Your Board

In Support of Masking

Board Beet
By Your Board on June 22, 2020

The Outpost Natural Foods Co-op Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of 5 experienced board members and 4 newly elected board members. Our role on the board is to represent the interests of members of the co-op and that is the reason why our owners are asked to evaluate our qualifications at election time. This allows you to make the best election decisions for the long-term health of the co-op. 

We are all experiencing a time in the U.S. that has not existed in more than a century. Yes, we have had other pandemics in more recent decades but the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the significant loss of life are historic. Those of us in a position to represent the interests of more than just ourselves and our immediate families have a responsibility to protect those interests. It is with this in mind that I write this post and hopefully help you all understand why the Outpost BOD supports management’s decision to require face masks in our stores.  

Outpost’s management made the decision to require shoppers to wear face masks while shopping in our stores, effective June 10. That requirement already existed for Outpost employees. The decision to do so is grounded in the idea that the best way to prevent the illness is to limit exposure to the virus. Use of a face mask, along with proper hand washing and social distancing are some of the best and most affordable options for all of us to avoid exposure and transmission while out in public spaces.

In true Outpost fashion, the implementation of this was thoughtful and well planned, to ensure that timely communications were published. Planning also involved ensuring necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies were available at all the sites so that the roll out was efficient and effective. An owner visited recently and reported that the whole experience was very pleasant. She was greeted at the door by a friendly employee, with a mask if needed, and hand sanitizer.  

The definition of a co-op is exactly what the name implies…“involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.”  The mutual assistance is all of us – members, shoppers, employees, management and the board - working towards the common goal of preventing further spread of this deadly virus within our communities. The Outpost Board supports the decision to require masks to achieve that end. 

Thank you! 

Michelle Prosek

Board Director


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