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Copper Kettle Farm

Miles to Market - 25 Located 5576 Highway Q Colgate , WI 53017

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Copper Kettle Farm


Three years ago, Greg and Cathy Kosmeder decided to turn a horse farm into a garlic farm. When they started Copper Kettle Farm, Greg and Cathy had to predict how much to grow and, as it turns out, they grew too much. So, the couple fired up a dehydrator and turned the extra garlic into garlic powder. It was an unexpected success. People loved the powder, which is a blend of the ten varieties of garlic Greg and Cathy grow on their farm in Colgate. While the farm isn’t certified organic, Greg and Cathy use organic and sustainable farming methods and have made a commitment to provide a high quality product without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or genetically-engineered products. Greg and Cathy say they feel fortunate to be a part of a culture that is encouraging more people to seek out local farmers and producers. “We think educating people on food products is paramount for farmer/producers, and distributors. Everyday, people make a very important decision on what they will eat and put in their body, so this decision will affect the quality of their lives,” Greg says. You’ll find Copper Kettle Farm garlic powder at your favorite Outpost.

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