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Let’s build a green energy future…together!

Outpost is strongly committed to renewable energy. We were the first Wisconsin business to join the Energy For Tomorrow program in 1999. In 2013, Outpost signed on with a new renewable energy partner, REpower Now - a program the supports local and regional independent renewable energy generators right here in the Midwest.

Through REpower Now, Outpost supports farmers, businesses, communities and homeowners who generate their own renewable energy and sell it back to the electric power pool. The way we do it is through Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) - a form of energy currency that puts a renewable energy value on our own energy consumption. Outpost purchases RECs to offset 100% of the energy we consume toward renewable energy development.

Through RECs, Outpost is able to offset 100% of our electric energy use with renewable energy. Most of the energy that we consume from the electric power pool still comes from brown power, and we still pay our public utility to use it. Purchasing RECs allows us to invest in a green energy future and put more green power into the pool.

As the graphic above illustrates, both “green power” and “brown power” make up the mix of energy on the grid. Green power comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar, or hydro. Brown power (coal and natural gas) is not renewable, meaning it is a finite resource and is extracted from the earth’s core. Both power sources create electricity (electrons) for the grid which then gets used by homes or businesses.

Read more about Outpost's commitment to green power on page 18 of our 2014 Sustainability Report!












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