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Power Up Your Co-op

Let’s build a green energy future…together!

Outpost invests in alternative energy and now YOU can, too! Power Up Your Co-op is a partnership between REPower Now and Outpost Natural Foods. REPower Now works to grow green energy. When you Power Up Your Co-op, you take the first step toward a brighter, more equitable, clean energy future!


We need homeowners, businesses or organizations to MATCH Outpost’s 3,600 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) pledged for one year (that’s about 600 new subscribers). If we reach our MATCH goal Outpost gets $15,000 in solar panels to install on one of our stores. Sign up to REPower Now and offset your energy use. That's how WI gets more green energy producers AND how you power-up your co-op!

Here’s how

Anyone can participate: individual, homeowner, business or organization. 

1. Go to www.PowerUpYourCoop.org

2. Choose one of two easy options:

Offset your monthly energy use based on actual energy consumption

- OR - 

Pledge $10 a month for a year

3. Get cool stuff!

Based on your offset option, get free gifts: T-shirts, bumper stickers, solar power Ball jar lights and more! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Outpost offsets 100% of energy use
Read how it works on page 18 of our 2014 Sustainability Report. For example, from June 1 - Sept 29, 2013, we used 964,000 kilowatt-thours (kWh) of energy. Our offsets go to fund independent energy producers in the state. This creates job opportunities and connects with customers who share our values and commitment to renewable energy. Pretty cool, huh? Now think of the impact we can have with an additional 600 subscribers?


It's energy . . . home grown!

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Sustainability Report
We belong to the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Read our annual report here.
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