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At Outpost, Compost Happens


Outpost strives to reduce waste at the source and treat it in a way that sustains all living systems, through reusing, donating, recycling, and composting. One way we do this is through an organization-wide composting program. Best of all, ALL Outpost locations are actively collecting compostable materials! Central Office and Market Café compostables are transported to our Bay View store daily via Outpost delivery vehicles. 


We partner with local companies and organizations to do the composting for us. Keeping it local allows us to better monitor what goes in and what comes out. Another really awesome benefit to this is that Outpost can purchase some of the compost back and make it available for purchase by our customers or it is donated to local community gardens. Compost starts at Outpost and returns to Outpost. Nothing ends up as waste! (Stay tuned for your opportunity to buy Outpost compost!)


Benefits of composting

  • Diverts waste from going to the landfill 
  • Reduces harmful green house landfill gases 
  • Contributes to building healthy soil for farmers and gardeners 
  • Finished compost is a healthy alternative to chemical based fertilizers
  • Saves the co-op money in landfill fees


Our composting partners!




Sanimax hauls compost for a number of large area businesses, so they are properly equipped to handle Outpost’s volume of compost! 

- Compostables collected at Outpost by Sanimax are hauled to The Farms Composting in Caledonia, a sixth-generation family owned farm and commercial composting site

- Compost is tested and meets STA (Seal of Testing Assurance) parameters set by the US Composting Council to ensure quality.

- Pick up sites: Outpost State Street and Bay View




Elyve (prounounced EE-līve) is a local social entrepreneurship company that provides commercial and residential pick-up services of organic compostable materials. Their motto – “Mind. Body. Soil.”- illustrates the holistic continuum of their core philosophy

- Educate why and how to care for the earth

- Provide mentorship for children on the benefits of healthy food and exercise as well as create jobs for young people 

- Provide the most nutrient-dense soil possible, empowering people to create their own access to healthy, organic foods wherever they live

- Pick up site: Outpost Capitol Drive

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