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Soy Protein Fast Facts

What’s so good about soy? One of the best reasons to eat soy is that it’s been proven to lower cholesterol. It’s also a good source of low fat protein. Many soy based products also contain good amounts of heart-healthy fiber. A one-half cup serving of roasted soynuts provides a whopping six grams of fiber! Need more? Soy tastes good!
—Judy Mayer DTR

What Equals a Serving?

1 cup soymilk 6 grams
1/4 cup soynuts 6 grams
3 ounces water packed tofu 8.5 grams
3 ounces silken firm tofu 6 grams
2 tablespoons soynut butter 8 grams
2 scoops soy protein powder 16-18 grams
1/2 cup TVP granules 11 grams
1 soy burger 10 grams
2 soy breakfast links 6.5 grams
1 soy breakfast patty 6.5 grams
1/2 cup tempeh 16 grams
1/2 cup canned soybeans 13 grams
1/2 cup green soybeans (edamame) 7 grams
1 protein bar 14 grams


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