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The Flour Matrix

The key to preparing gluten-free foods is that ingredients must not come into contact with any foods containing gluten. Contamination can occur if foods are prepared on common surfaces, or with utensils that are not thoroughly cleaned after preparing gluten-containing foods. Keep in mind that just one crumb of wheat can be toxic to a person with celiac disease!
—Judy Mayer DTR

Guidelines for cooking and baking gluten/wheat-free recipes

The following guidelines can help you keep a gluten-free kitchen. Some of these steps may seem extreme, however, gluten can be a powerful allergen for people with Celiac Disease. Serious reactions can occur including anaphylaxis. So, tread on the safe side for yourself, family and friends.
  • Mark "Gluten-Free" on containers, baking pans and other designated kitchen tools to help keep you from cross-contaminating them.
  • Only use a flour sifters and containers designated for gluten-free flours. Never share or stray with other flours.
  • Any utensil that has touched gluten-containing food should not be used in the preparation of gluten-free foods.
  • Deep-frying oils cannot be shared with gluten and gluten free products.
  • Pasta leaves a residue and is therefore difficult to remove completely. It’s a good idea to have separate colanders: one for gluten-containing pastas and one for gluten-free pastas.
  • To ensure that gluten-free food remains uncontaminated, use aluminum foil to cover any cooking or baking pans, cookie sheets or other baking surfaces. If you prefer to cook directly on the pan, make sure you designate one (or several) for gluten-free purposes, never allowing gluten containing ingredients.

Different Flour Types

Flour Gluten? Flavor Baked Texture
Almond No Sweet, rich, nutty Cookie/cake-like texture
Amaranth No Strong, spicy Smooth, crisp crust, moist crumb like
Arrowroot No Neutral Lightens wheat-free baked goods
Barley Yes Sweet, malty Firm, chewy crust, cake-like
Buckwheat No Hearty Moist, fine crumb
Chickpea No Sweet, rich Dry, delicate crumb
Coconut No Sweet Smooth, light and non-gritty
Cornmeal No Sweet, nutty Grainy, slightly dry
Garbaya or White Bean No Beany Dry crumb
Gluten Yes Tangy Fine crumb, crisp, thin crust
Kamut Yes Rich, buttery Dense, heavy crumb
Millet No Mildly sweet Dry, delicate crumb, thin crust
Oat Yes Sweet, nutty Moist, cake-like crumb, firm crust
Potato No Sweetly pungent Dry crust, fine, springy crumb
Quinoa No Nutty Delicate, cake-like crumb
Rice No Nutty Dry, fine crumb
Rye Yes Tangy Moist crumb, smooth, hard crust
Sorghum No Mildly sweet Dry, coarse crumb
Soy No Slightly bitter Moist, fine crumb, smooth, hard crust
Spelt Yes Sweet, nutty Moderate crumb
Tapioca No Slightly sweet Lightens wheat-free baked goods
Teff No Mildly sweet Dense, soft, slightly gelatinous
Wheat Yes Sweet, nutty Coarse, large crumb

What to Cook?
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