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Don't let us become Florida or Texas - MKE Mask Up 

During the early weeks of onset of the coronavirus, grocery stores were declared essential business. We knew keeping our employees safe, and employed with us would be a challenge. As front-line workers, there was a greater chance our 357 employees would come in contact with the novel virus so we implemented a number of safety features for greater protection including additional sanitation practices, plexiglass at checkouts, social distancing and mandatory masks. 

When Wisconsin's Safer At Home order expired in early June, Outpost made the decision to make mask wearing mandatory for anyone entering our stores, including customers, vendors and contractors. 

The Centers for Disease Control continues to support wearing a face mask or covering, when combined with social distancing and regular hand washing, as the most effective way to keep from contracting COVID-19. 

Milwaukee continues to be a hot spot for confirmed COVID-19 cases. On June 30, Outpost joined more than 100 other local businesses on a public letter to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to require masks in the City of Milwaukee. A city-wide measure would help to protect thousands of workers who are potentially exposed to COVID-19 as part of their work day. 

Read the letter to Mayor Tom Barrett


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Medical professionals, health officials and scientists say that wearing face masks helps prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

The City of Milwaukee should require everyone to wear masks and practice physical distancing in public places. Many city, county and state governments already require this. Milwaukee should protect its residents, too, so they're safe as possible. 

Masks help prevent a wearer from infecting others. But mask wearers are not protected if others don't wear masks. Not wearing masks puts everyone in public spaces -- including customers and employees -- at risk.

While some businesses require masks for everyone, others do not. There's no way a consumer can know where masks are required. Without rules, some people won't wear masks, even though they could infect others.

With everyone wearing masks, workers and businesses will benefit, as more people feel safe to spend money at Milwaukee businesses. 

Can we truly reopen if we don't make Milwaukee public spaces as safe as possible?

The City of Milwaukee should require that people wear masks in public places and maintain physical distancing until health professionals say these practices are no longer needed. The alternative is more lockdowns, business failures, and serious illness and death.



Milwaukee County COVID-19 website

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