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Douglas Spencer — Graphic Designer

Why do you want to be on the Outpost Natural Foods Board of Directors?

Outpost has been an important part of my life for over 10 years and I want to be involved with the board to ensure that the integrity I see is maintained for future generations. As a board member, I will work hard to make sure Outpost continues to have wholesome food on their shelves, provide a living wage to its workers and serve as a community leader for improving nutritional food access. Outpost is more than just a grocery store, it is a part of my extended family. It’s a community centered organization that has the unique capability to have a positive effect on the lives it touches. It’s a concept I believe very strongly in and I want to help ensure its success.

What professional skills do you bring to a Board position of a 50 million dollar business?

Having already served on Outpost’s board I am ready to dive right into current board work. My experience on the Executive Committee as Board Secretary proved my capabilities with handling monitoring reports, being a liaison between owners and the board, ensuring board meetings were on track and implementing improved board accountability methods. Being an avid reader and NPR listener, I constantly expand my knowledge in topics related to sustainability, integrity, leadership and personal growth. At Froedtert Health, I chair a sustainability committee where we work on important issues that assist one of Milwaukee’s largest hospital organizations improve their ability to recycle and reduce energy use.

Describe areas in which you are culturally fluent with a diverse community. This can include your personal or professional history or both.

I strongly believe that we all do better through cooperation and understanding. It is not enough to accept that others may be different than ourselves. Instead, we must work to understand their life story and what tools they have to formulate ideas and thoughts. It is through this perspective that a bridge can be made to create a mutual understanding which leads to a stronger community. To facilitate this belief, I have donated my time to Big Brothers Big Sisters, helped teach immigrants English, designed business education for supplier diversity, donated funds to organizations and discussed diversity topics with our children to promote understanding, awareness and better futures.


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