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Duncan Shrout


Why do you want to be on the Outpost Natural Foods Board of Directors?

One of the many reasons I shop at Outpost is because of its board of directors. Since joining Outpost in 2000, I believe there has been a visible and concerted effort to continually improve the product. This effort could only be achieved with strong management and board support. This democratic approach is impressive and encouraging. My interest in board service stems from all these factors. It would be an honor to serve on the Outpost Board of Directors.

What professional skills do you bring to a Board position of a $50 million business?

I bring 33 years of non-profit management and financial experience to the Outpost Board. The non-profit experience includes budgets ranging from $400,000.00 to $5,000,000.00. My Mental Health Board experience was with a budget of $220,000,000.00. In each case, I exercised due diligence and financial acumen.

Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the board.

I do not have a great answer to this question. As a 75-year-old white male the previous boards on which I served were not as diverse as they should have been. However learning from the Mental Health Board’s recruitment it is necessary to find and develop board members who better represent all customer communities of the business.

Board member equity and inclusivity are important functions of the board. The board hopefully has a sustainability plan for leadership. I would encourage the board to fill its leadership positions with customer community representatives.

Describe your prior involvement with community organizations and/or cooperatives.

I have limited experience with community-based organizations and cooperatives other than Outpost as a customer. However, this is a primary reason why I shop at Outpost. It’s community base and sense of local purpose is very important to me.

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