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Barbara Merritt

Certified Colon Hygienist and Licensed Real Estate Broker

Why do you want to be on the Outpost Natural Foods Board of Directors?

I would like to be on the Outpost Natural Foods Board of Directors because my main focus is on Health and Nutrition. I have been an owner for many years. I have experienced great things from Outpost over the years. Outpost is where I do most of my grocery shopping and I have introduced many people who still shop there. In years past I have often thought about becoming a candidate. I started with the Capitol Drive location and now I frequent the Mequon location. Employees know me at the Mequon location. I love the Outpost!!! I believe that I am a good candidate for this all important position. Also, I have a lot of business experience.

What professional skills do you bring to a Board position of a $50 million business?

First of all, I have integrity! I owned my own building on Capitol Drive for eight years. I've had a Real Estate Brokers License for 42 years. Operating my own company. I am also a certified Health Coach. I attended Mount Mary College and MATC. In past years I owned and operated a Child Care Center solo and with my mother. Also, I have experience working in a Direct Marketing Company that boasted $100 million. I built a team of over 1,000 people.

Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the board.

First of all, I get along with people very well. In business you have to have good customer skills! I am a team player. Also, I am African American and feel that diversity is good and necessary and equity is essential.

Describe your prior involvement with community organizations and/or cooperatives.

I worked with Inner City Development bridging the gaps in communities for better housing, and as a community advocate. In Ohio I worked with Model Cities. I have worked with other Natural Health practitioners in the exchange of services.

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