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On Wednesday, December 18, Outpost shared the stage at our State St. store location with our friend Michael Schlesinger at CBS58 to offer up some healthy alternatives to holiday meal making!

Check it out! Click on the recipe name for a link to the recipes.

Healthy for the Holidays 

Classic Roast Beef with Horseradish Yogurt Sauce, and Roasted Root Vegetables with Rosemary

Your classic holiday dinner just got a little bit better. By changing up some of the ingredients, you can shave off extra calories and fat, without sacrificing flavor. 

What's healthy about it?

  • Cattle raise exclusively on pasture and grass forage yields meat that is leaner and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids compared to regular beef
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are important in managing inflammation and can be a boon for brain functions
  • Grass-fed beef has a rich flavor profile - plan to make extra so there are plenty of leftovers
  • Oven roasted vegetables are rich in vitamin C, stress busing b vitamins and trace minerals
  • Roasting caramelizes the the flavors of the roots lending a natural sweetness - a guilty pleasure without the guilt
  • Look for locally grown root veggies when you can
  • Opt for roots your normally wouldn't choose, like celery root, parsnips and rutabagas - you won't be disappointed
  • Using a low fat Greek-style yogurt instead of sour cream makes for a tasty accompaniment to roasted beef
  • Make the vegetables the star of the show - 1/2 your plate with veggies
  • Roast beef is a treat - so give yourself a serving about the size of your palm
  • Adding a green garden salad is simple, elegant and loaded with flavor - fill up on salad!


Love Your Leftovers

Shredded Beef Street Tacos with Carrot Quickles 

It's time to love those roast beef leftovers. In fact, getting into the habit of making a little more of your main course will ensure you have some tasty ingredients to use for dinner the next day - like super easy Street Tacos - and it gives you the opportunity for a less time spent in the kitchen. Who doesn't like to save a little time now and then?

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