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KP Toffee

Miles to Market - 30 Located 9602 Durand Avenue, Suite 100 Sturtevant, WI 53177

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KP Toffee


If you stop to think about it, toffee’s pretty simple. Maybe basic is a better word. For the most part, it’s butter — lots of butter — and sugar. That’s it, really. Turning those raw ingredients into something you find hard to stop eating, well that’s another matter. You might call it magic or alchemy or hard work. Starting a business, well it’s kind of the same thing. Getting one up and running, pretty basic. Making a business successful takes hard work. Karen Peltier has done both, turning her delicious English toffee into a successful business. In fact, it took Karen two years to perfect her toffee recipe. Once she did, she just gave the stuff away. Then people told her to start selling it. So, she did. It was that simple. It’s been four years since Karen opened her business, KP Toffee, in an old NAPA store in Sturtevant. Why toffee? “I always felt I had a need to feed people,” Karen said. Why start a business? The company she had been working for went bankrupt and she found herself out of work. Now, at 54, she is in control. All of her equipment is bought and paid for and her list of accounts keeps growing. No surprise there. Once you start eating it, it’s hard to stop. You’ll find an assortment of delicious treats from KP Toffee at your favorite Outpost.

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