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Sugar River Dairy

Miles to Market - 104 Located Albany, WIsconsin 53502

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Sugar River Dairy

The idea for Sugar River Dairy came to Ron Paris after attending a dairy conference in 1999. He’d grown up on a farm south of Madison and was looking for something to do that would allow him to work close to home.

He lived in an area of the state with a rich dairy history, but he couldn’t think of anyone who was making yogurt. So he decided he would. That got things rolling. Since then, Sugar River Dairy has blossomed.

Ron and his wife, Chris, own and operate the dairy, which is located in Albany, Wis., near New Glarus. It’s been nearly 11 years and the business has grown, but not too big, too fast.

The couple only recently stopped labeling their yogurt containers by hand. They have a machine that does that now.

They make several varieties of yogurt, with milk from Sassy Cow Creamery, which is an hour away. Most of Sugar River’s yogurt is made from 1-percent milk, but they do make a whole milk version. The Paris’ also make a Greek-style yogurt.

You can find Sugar River Dairy yogurt at your favorite Outpost location.

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