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Outpost Capitol Drive

Phyllis Bankier


This exhibit is showcasing my fruit and vegetable photographs that represent the bountiful harvests around the United States. Many people turn a small patch of soil into their very own gardens. There are large and small gardens and orchards all over our country. In this exhibit, I am showcasing some of the foods from those gardens.

These Kitchen Art Portraits are about looking at the foods we eat from all different angles. I make the food the star, bringing out the detail of the food in each photo. When photographing these food portraits, it’s all about the lighting that helps bring out the shape, form, texture and visual information. I like to keep my images clean, natural and uncomplicated. I always use fresh subjects, full of detail and ready to be eaten.

I consider many of these photographs in the style of minimalism where less is more. Rather than have a lot of color and patterns, I focus on one particular subject allowing the viewer to see this minimal amount of information By including empty space, or negative space in my images, the subject gets the attention it deserves. I am stripping down the scene so that the viewer can focus on the most important elements. Less is more.



Outpost Bay View

Pam Mehnert

Mixed media, assemblage

Most people spent the 1970’s celebrating the “Summer of Love” – me, I was just a kid and instead helped Ray, my next-door neighbor, sell junk at flea markets. I was fascinated by old things like discarded toys, dog eared books, and beat up games with missing pieces. They were still full of life and deserved to be loved and love them I did.

Colorful nostalgic bits from vintage maps to rulers and worn metal buttons to pages torn from children’s books, now find their way into my boxes and clocks where I mix them up by adding original colored pencil and pen drawings. They become something that speaks to my childhood and the longing I continue to have for that simpler time when Ray and I opened the jumbled boxes and set up the market stall in the summer heat.

When I’m not painstakingly gluing maps to old cigar boxes, you can find me at the helm of Outpost Co-op as the general manager, traveling to where the food is good and the beer is cold, cooking from scratch, or planning the next redux of my every evolving garden.

All clocks are functional


Outpost Mequon

Cherie Morfe


Cherie is an award-winning black and white film photographer who spent several years in the evening workshop program at the New England School of Photography in Boston. Her work focuses on landscapes, flowers and still life using a mechanical, large-format bellows camera first developed in the 1840s. Cherie uses the Zone System, a technique created by Ansel Adams, to control exposure and development of the negative. Printing is done by hand using traditional darkroom techniques. She lives in Mequon with her husband of 26 years and their beloved pets: a Corgi named Elvis, rescued cat Nava and lovebird Fred.



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