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Outpost Capitol Drive

Phyllis Bankier


This exhibit is showcasing my fruit and vegetable photographs that represent the bountiful harvests around the United States. Many people turn a small patch of soil into their very own gardens. There are large and small gardens and orchards all over our country. In this exhibit, I am showcasing some of the foods from those gardens.

These Kitchen Art Portraits are about looking at the foods we eat from all different angles. I make the food the star, bringing out the detail of the food in each photo. When photographing these food portraits, it’s all about the lighting that helps bring out the shape, form, texture and visual information. I like to keep my images clean, natural and uncomplicated. I always use fresh subjects, full of detail and ready to be eaten.

I consider many of these photographs in the style of minimalism where less is more. Rather than have a lot of color and patterns, I focus on one particular subject allowing the viewer to see this minimal amount of information By including empty space, or negative space in my images, the subject gets the attention it deserves. I am stripping down the scene so that the viewer can focus on the most important elements. Less is more.



Outpost Bay View

Thomas Ertl

Mixed media, assemblage

Thom J. Ertl was born and raised on a multigenerational vegetable farm and orchard located in southeastern Wisconsin. His family has owned and operated the farm and orchard for more than 100 years. Along with the expectations of being “a farm kid,” he always made time to be inspired by the world around him.

“I remember my childhood as a magical time to explore, to realize what life had to offer, and having the sanctity of Grandma’s permission to do that,” says Ertl. “She had this way of guiding what we were doing without influencing it too much, without turning it into her project, her creation or her end result.

“I continue to put into practice what my childhood brought to me. Grandma’s love, support and influence have been invaluable in the thought process I employ today.”

Thom J. Ertl Designs is a hybrid of wall art and furniture. It incorporates and recycles common, everyday items—bottle caps, beads, fabric, bric-a-brac, just to name a few—into modern, artistic, practical, original home furnishings and interior design. It is a reflection of over 35 years of artistic experience, combining visual merchandising, graphic design and contemporary urban assemblage with a strong sense of whimsy and color and a thought-provoking element of surprise.


Outpost Mequon

Lynn Barber


From the artist:

I live in Port Washington, a picturesque harbor town on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I love nature and I create watercolor batiks that are inspired by the beautiful, peaceful world around me when I am outdoors.  I enjoy painting, hiking, gardening, traveling and photography.  I enjoy bringing a little bit of nature indoors.

My original batiks are created on Ginwashi Rice Paper and Dragon Cloud Mulberry Paper. Both are semi-transparent, with small fibers running through the rice paper and long wispy fibers throughout the Mulberry paper. Both papers give the batiks a wonderful texture and a unique natural look. I use a technique of multi- layering of watercolors and wax to get the varying shades of color. The edges are deckled which gives the batik a feathery finish.



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