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More Choices in an Easy-to-shop Format

If you’re looking for a full selection of packaged natural and organic foods and related products, with a healthy emphasis on local, our grocery departments consistently offer fresh, high-quality items in a convenient, well-organized and easy-to-shop format. Our staff understands the needs of the natural food shopper and is able to answer questions in a friendly, efficient manner. We’ve even read the labels for you and only sell products which conform with our product policies. You can read about those policies here.


Bulk & Case Orders

Did you know you can order your favorite products by the heaping caseload? It's true! Just call or stop by the customer service desk at any of our store locations. Here's are the details.

  • A bulk order is anything we currently carry in the quantity it comes in from our supplier. For example, 12 cans of soup or 25 lbs of rice.
  • Owners will receive a 10% discount on all bulk/case orders OR the sale price, whichever is less expensive. Non owners will not receive a discount.
  • You will be contacted when the order comes in or if the product is no longer available.
  • Perishable products must be picked up within 5 days of delivery.
  • Other details and restrictions may apply, please see the customer service desk for details.
  • We want you to love the item you purchase from us! We will cheerfully accept returns on damaged, defective or unsatisfactory merchandise.


Local Farmers and Vendors we Love

Click a vendor profile below to learn more about the folks we trust.


Miles to Market - 2

Like a lot of small business owners, Jason Lannoch turned to his passion. Jason happens to be passionate about juice. Making his own fresh pressed juice got him thinking.

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Becky's Blissful Bakery

Miles to Market - 21

Rebecca Scarberry started making caramels as a hobby. It was something she did to sustain herself during her first two winters in Wisconsin. She’d always found herself making sweets to give as gifts to family and friends. Caramel by caramel she turned her hobby into a business. In 2007, she started Becky’s Blissful Bakery.

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KP Toffee

Miles to Market - 30

If you stop to think about it, toffee’s pretty simple. Maybe basic is a better word. For the most part, it’s butter — lots of butter — and sugar. That’s it, really. Turning those raw ingredients into something you find hard to stop eating, well that’s another matter.

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