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The Triumph of Spring


In the dirt that froze hard and solid, in the cold stillness that suffered short days and long dark nights, in the absence of warmth and under the pale light of a distant sun, hope slumbered, and dreamt of spring.


It is an annual miracle, perhaps more amazing in this year of recurrent polar vortices, that life survives the unforgiving winter and, coaxed by sunlight, ignites.


At the cooperative, we wait breathlessly for the first tender shoots of local asparagus, all purple and new green, that only weeks earlier began their climb through the softening earth, reaching for daylight.


More foods will follow. From seeds and roots and tubers, new life will unfurl and snake to the surface or uncurl from clenched buds on skeletal branches, winding skyward and then twisting and turning to our shelves and produce tables.


Asparagus, lettuce, spinach, parsley, peas, green onions, beans… the world becomes green in spring.


And hope becomes real. Becomes food.


We love spring. As long as the earth tilts on its axis, as long as it swings wide and then close on its orbit of the sun, as long as sunrises break each night’s spell, there is reason for hope.


Welcome to spring. Feel free to Graze.




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