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Your Board

Should Nutrition be taught right alongside math and science?

Sounding Board
By Your Board May 28, 2013
“They should be teaching this in high school,” commented one owner at a recent class I took by Outpost nutritionist Judy Mayer on gluten-free options held at the State Street store. Her question got me thinking, should nutritional eating be a part of the curriculum right alongside math and science?  Should it just be at the high school level, or sooner than that, grade school perhaps or even earlier? 
Your Board

Saving Seeds = Saving Our Planet

Sounding Board
By Your Board March 5, 2013

An e-mail recently appeared in my inbox that really got me thinking about the sustainability of current conventional farming practices. The e-mail contained a link to a report by the Center for Food Safety as part of its Save Our Seeds (SOS) initiative (http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/campaign/save-our-seeds/). The report, Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers, highlights the ongoing practice of seed companies suing farmers for patent infringement when their fields are discovered to contain genetically engineered (GE or trangenic) crops, even though the farmers hadn't purchased GE seeds from the companies. The seed companies allege that farmers are knowingly saving seeds from prior year GE crops, or are obtaining GE seeds from “seed cleaners,” who specialize in the practice of processing seeds from prior years to use for subsequent plantings. According to the seed companies, these practices are expressly prohibited by the technology agreements signed by farmers who use GE seeds.

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