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I’m the New Media Editor at Outpost, though I’m the old media editor, as well. In both capacities, I read, hear, photograph and write about food. I also eat food pretty regularly, all of which means I spend a lot of time thinking about food in...
Malcolm Woods

Bend their ear

Food, Love and Policy By Malcolm Woods on July 7, 2011

The United States Department of Agriculture is accepting public comment on the proposal to allow the sale of the GE corn for a few more days. The corn, developed by Monsanto in partnership with European chemical firm BASF, is being touted for its drought-resistant qualities - making this crop the first one genetically engineered not to resist pests but to tolerate environmental conditions.


Drought is a constant threat for farmers, so the market for a corn crop that can better tolerate drought is potentially huge, but the USDA itself reports that the GE corn doesn't perform any better than conventional corn varieties already on the market.


The USDA has also concluded that the GE corn poses little risk, something opponents of GMO and GE food crops argue hasn't been adequately proven. The Center for Food Safety claims the USDA's proposal fails to comply with federal environmental laws, making approval illegal. That organization has created an action page where people can send post their comments, which will be sent to the USDA. The agency is accepting public comment on the plan until July 11.


Weigh in on the USDA's proposal to approve GE corn here. Given that even the USDA says conventional corn varieties do just as well as the GE corn in tolerating drought conditions - and that many people continue to voice concerns about the potential for environmental disruption by cross contamination, this seems a no-brainer to us. No GE corn!


STOP playing GOD with our food supply!! NO GE corn...or anything else!! Posted by: badgermama1966 | July 7 at 1:55 PM

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