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Hi, I'm Unknown #2

Unknown #2

Could your hybrid make you sick?

Food, Love and Policy By Unknown #2 on April 30, 2008
Hybrid cars, once favored by only the most earnest environmentalists, are growing more popular as the price of gasoline continues its rapid rise. But are their health risks associated specifically with hybrids?
The New York Times reports that some people have raised concerns about the levels of electro-magnetic radiation inside the cars. Hybrids supplement a gasoline engine with battery power, which can expose occupants of the car to an electro-magnetic field (EMF). The question is just how strong that EMF is and whether it poses a health risk. Past studies examining EMFs seemed to suggest a link between close exposure to EMF and various health concerns, but the car manufactures claim their vehicles produce insignificantly small EMFs.
Link: Fear, but Few Facts, on Hybrid Risk - Hybrid Vehicles and Electromagnetic Fields - New York Times.


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