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Hi, I'm Unknown #2

Unknown #2

GM in the wild

Food, Love and Policy By Unknown #2 on February 25, 2009
One of the concerns long voiced against genetically modified (GM) foods is a fear that a GM crop could infect, or cross over to, conventional crops. A study just released confirms the results of a 2001 study which concluded that CM corn has done just that in Mexico.
New Study Points to GM Contamination of Mexican Corn.
What's the big deal? Well, put aside all the rest of the arguments tossed about in the GM debate. Don't worry for a moment about the claims of reduced pesticide use or enhanced nutrient contents or any of the other pros and cons typically thrown about in this conflict.
Think about this: in the study, researchers found that about 1% of the seeds they studied tested positive - meaning they had been "infected" by the GM crops. That's in spite of a Mexican ban on GM seeds since 1998. Mexico imposed that ban to help support genetic diversity in their country, the home of corn, or maize.
GM companies have long maintained that field tests could be conducted on their prized products and crops grown without contaminating other crops, but this study debunks that. It reveals that, at present, there is no firewall that can absolutely prevent that contamination.
Most scientists assert that there is little chance GM crops could actually damage the environment or do harm to humans. Little chance.
As the genie has apparently already escaped the bottle, we'd better hope they're right.


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