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Hi, I'm Pantry Raid

Otherwise known as Carrie Rowe & Diana Schmidt, we're well fed, thrifty and have more than meals falling from our pantries.   Diana is a recovering food snob who is always anticipating her next meal. She thinks a good pantry should give you...
Pantry Raid

More Pantry Peeping

Pantry Raid
Soon dinner will be falling from your pantries too. By Pantry Raid on March 21, 2011

Pam showed you hers, now we’ll show you ours. Pantry that is. But seriously. How great is Pam? She is an inspiration every dang day we come into work and her blog, A Year of Inconvenience, makes us aspire to be better people once we get home (one of these days.) There’s a lot of admiration going on (sorry if it makes you gag) and it’s completely earnest, we’re big fans of our GM and how she rolls.


It made us feel relieved and well, kinda righteous to read that many of her inconvenient pantry staples we tucked into our pantries too, including beans which we also hate cooking (mostly because it requires forethought and an extra pan to wash.) We are not going to admit how long some of those suckers have been jarred up next to their canned bean buddies. It might be time to drag the pressure cooker out of the basement and have a bean bonanza. Just writing that makes us feel lame – for having stored beans so long, not having a bean party, that part sounds hilarious.


Our pantries also diverge from hers at semolina flour. Don’t get us wrong, we love fresh pasta, we even love making fresh pasta with our kids – it’s just well, inconvenient and isn’t something we have on hand to make it through the week. Bagged and boxed pasta is the best we can do and we’re pretty grateful that it was invented.


But you’re not reading this to find out how righteous our pantries are, no, no one peeks into someone else’s pantry to be amazed – you want to know our dirty little secrets, don’t cha? What’s behind the big jar of brown rice? Why, in the name of everything organic, is there a bag of sticky marshmallows on the top shelf? And really, how old is that jar of black beans? Judge away, friends. Diana volunteered to go first:

Diana’s Pantry Must-Haves



granola, oatmeal topper, kid eats it off a spoon


jarred Ginger


stir fries, sauces, salad dressings


tomolives and dad’s pickled beets


necessity for bloody Mary’s, martinis & snacking (tomolives from Ray’s liquor store)




leftover from camping, currently starring in cups of cocoa


3 kinds of dried beans


black, garbanzo, pinto: black beans are 1.5 years old, garbanzos 3 months old, pintos are 2 years old (I feel insecure without them)




Mexican rice & snacking




(quit judging me) cookies & sneaky snacks


5 kinds of vinegar


sherry, red wine, apple cider, rice and white: stir fry sauces, salad dressings, pickles


4 kinds of nuts


almonds, pecans, walnuts and peanuts: pilafs, oatmeal, granola, salads, stir fries


2 kinds of dried fruit


raisins, cranberries: oatmeal, granola, salads & snacking


Tera’s whey


daily smoothie


3 kinds of oats


we really like oatmeal, granola and oatmeal pancakes


3 kinds of pasta


gluten-free Tinkyada, whole wheat, semolina: I like being prepared for anyone


quinoa (red and white)


on the menu at least once a week


preserved lemons


a thoughtful present that I haven’t figured out how to use yet – I feel they’ll be important to something, any suggestions?


6 kinds of rice


arborio, jasmine, brown, purple, red and sticky: we eat rice at most meals


3 kinds of canned beans


black, garbanzo, black eyed peas: we eat beans at least 3 times a week and yes, they’re usually out of a can


nutritional yeast


popcorn, tofu, mashed potatoes, veggie-topper


2 kinds of oil


canola & Olive (and spray canola)



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