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Paul Sloth

The healing power of food

In the Aisles
By Paul Sloth August 7, 2012

Food is that peculiar thing that nourishes not only our bodies, but our souls as well. A meal shared by strangers is a powerful thing. For Sikhs, sharing a meal with friends, families and strangers alike is an integral part of their religious practice.

Malcolm Woods

The Slow Fight Against GMOs

By Malcolm Woods August 7, 2012


Do the foods you eat contain GMOs?


GMOs are genetically modified organisms, plants and animals that have undergone alterations to their original genetic material at the cellular level.


First experimented with in the mid-1970s, genetic engineering has rapidly grown in sophistication and frequency. Early experiments revolved around methods to make plants less susceptible to frost, but researchers soon moved onto transgenic engineering, in which genetic material from different species are combined into one organism. 

Judy Mayer

This Vegetarian Taco Salad is DASHing

What's For Dinner
By Judy Mayer August 16, 2012


I just finished writing a presentation recommending the DASH Diet (dietary approach to stop hypertension). I’ve mentioned it before in one of my blogs, as it was rated the best diet overall this last spring by the US News & World Report. I’m still excited about that.


There’s a long history behind the DASH – over 20 years! Two studies have shown that the DASH significantly lowers blood pressure.

Your Board

You Gotta Love It

Sounding Board
By Your Board August 16, 2012


I am an ardent Outpost owner for many reasons, but near the top is the collection of environmental policies put into place by the Outpost management and staff.  In fact, the WE Energies Summer 2012 newsletter “Energy for Tomorrow” highlighted Outpost as a visionary organization in the field of energy conservation.

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