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Unknown #2

New movement's goal: "No child left inside"

By Unknown #2 March 5, 2007
This month's Orion magazine has an interesting piece on the capacity of nature to inspire us and reminds us of the importance of nature in our children's lives. The past fifty years has seen a tremendous shift indoors so that children now spend much of their free time inside, before television screens or computer monitors. It's not just technology to blame, or parents. The modern landscape, suburban and/or urban, offers little opportunity for any of us to experience nature. But author Richard Louv examines several efforts across the country to bring children outdoors, into contact with the natural world. Link: Leave No Child Inside | by Richard Louv | Orion Magazine March-April 2007. Read more...
Unknown #2

Too little and too much

By Unknown #2 March 12, 2007
Water shortages loom across the globe with the next several decades, according to drafts of second half of the UN-sponsored report on global warming, to be published in April. Within twenty years, hundreds of millions of people in Africa and South America will face water shortages. Ironically, other peoples around the planet will face severe flooding due to rising sea levels. The report forecasts altered growing seasons, a rise in pests and diseases, widespread extinctions and much more, as the planet's climate undergoes further changes. Read more...
Unknown #2

A chemical link to obesity?

By Unknown #2 March 12, 2007
New studies are raising concerns that chemicals widely used in the plastics industry may be linked to our obesity epidemic. Link: Chemicals May Play Role in Rise in Obesity - washingtonpost.com. Read more...
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